Office Pods


All Garden cabins office solutions finished to the highest standards. Cabins are handed over completed and ready to use.

5 Day Build Time​

All our cabins are assemble on  and finished onsite within 5 working days. 

No Hidden Costs

All cabins are A rated and include electrical connections and hookup, interior painting, insulation & foundations. 

What is an office pod?

A home office pod is a self-contained building for your garden which offers all the functionality you need to work from home.

Fully insulated, secure, and chosen from a range of stunning designs, our home office pods are the perfect solution for anybody who wants some extra space for their homes.

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What can you use our office pods for?

Whether you work from home full time, or if you just need a quiet place to occasionally escape to, our home office pods could be the perfect addition to your garden.

Office pods can be used for any of your home office needs, and add a safe, warm and quiet place to get some much-needed work done.

More about our high - quality office pods

As more and more people find themselves working from home, they are starting to realise the potential in unlocking the unused space in their homes and gardens and adding value to their properties.

If your work is creative and you need a bright, naturally-lit studio space, or if you just want the perfect conditions to keep you alert at your desk and your work calls private, the home office pod is the perfect solution.

Our office pods are delivered and installed in as little as five weeks, so you will not have to endure long periods of building work, offering a pain-free way of adding space to your property.

Home office pods FAQ

The price of an office pod can vary largely depending on a variety of factors. Its size, design, features and materials can all have an impact on how much your home office pod will cost. It would be great to be able to give you a direct answer here, however, because we offer bespoke solutions we first need to know all of your requirements before giving you an idea of the cost of your unit.

For a quote, or just to chat to us about what your requirements from a home office pod, please contact us on our website or call 

Office pods come with a range of benefits for you and your home. Because our office pods are fully insulated with sealed walls, windows and doors, they add at least a whole extra room of useable space to your home. Of course, you are not limited to using one of our home office pods as an actual office, but with the benefits to your privacy and work/life separation, this is how most people use them.

Other uses could include a family room, hobby space, music studio or simply an area to chill out and de-stress. With the ability to decorate an office pod any way you want, the possibilities are only limited by your requirements and your imagination.

Simply put, a home office pod can go anywhere outside your home that suits both your aesthetic and practical purposes. Ideally, one of our office pods should be positioned in a way to maximise the useable space within your garden, so you don’t need to decide between a beautiful garden and the practicality of a home office pod. Usually, people will put their pods at the bottom of a garden or tucked away in a corner to not encroach on their existing garden.

In most cases, you will not need to seek planning permission for a home office pod. This is because a home office pod is usually considered under the same guidelines as other garden rooms or sheds, so you will likely not need to attain any legal permissions before installation.

Because there are multiple numbers of factors when it comes to deciding what does and doesn’t need planning permission, including which local authority you live under, the size of the home office pod you wish to build, how close to other residences you may wish to put the structure etc., it is recommended to talk to an expert or your local authority if you are unsure whether you need planning permission.

To check whether you may need planning permission, visit the government website or contact us and we will make sure to give you professional, friendly advice on your home office needs.Approve and download Or ask for changes

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