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Garden Rooms

Garden Office Solutions

What is a garden room?

A garden room is a stand-alone outbuilding, usually constructed with wood. It is fully insulated, electrically connected, and double glazed. Having it separate from the main house gives you a sense of privacy where you can relax or concentrate on important tasks. It is cheaper than traditional home extensions.

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Why Garden Office Solutions?

Garden Pods


All Garden cabins office solutions finished to the highest standards. Cabins are handed over completed and ready to use.

Garden Pods

5 Day Build Time

All our cabins are assemble on  and finished onsite within 5 working days. 

no hidden costs

No Hidden Costs

All cabins are A rated and include electrical connections and hookup, interior painting, insulation & foundations. 
Garden Rooms
About garden pods

What can garden rooms be used for?

A garden room can serve multiple purposes depending on your needs. Our ready-to-use garden room solutions can act as playrooms, guest bedrooms, yoga studios, home gyms, home offices, cinema rooms, home bars, or art studios. We deliver bespoke designs with key amenities- electricity, water, and sewage connections.

Garden Rooms Features

Triple glazed windows

Eco grade frames

Canadian red cedar cladding

50 year guarantee roof

A Rate Energy Rating

Low maintenance and performance over a lifetime.

Factory-built floors, walls and roof

Concrete and galvanised steel foundation system

5 Day onsite build

Garden Rooms

Find out more about our high-quality garden rooms installations

You can choose from a wide range of garden rooms at our company. From luxury garden houses in the mountains or on a lake, home office log cabins, small garden gazebos, spacious cabins with stunning interiors, log school cabins, to granny flats, our tiny houses can last for generations. Each product we sell is of the highest quality. For your peace of mind, when you buy a garden room from Garden Office Solutions, we back it up with a guarantee of at least 40 years. Our expert team has completed thousands of projects throughout Ireland. If you don’t know how to assemble something, don’t try to figure it out on your own. See what our customers are saying about us in the testimonials section.

We source the best quality wood to build our high-quality garden structures, giving them an edge over many of our competitors’ products. For exterior timber cladding, we employ the Canadian Red Cedar. Due to its stunning appearance, ease of use, durability, and stability, it is the best material for this job. Expect clear and flawless cladding, with tight, even, and grain-free of knots. With sip panel construction and triple glazing, our garden cabins are fully insulated, ensuring a comfortable environment all year round. Our garden rooms are spray painted to produce a premium finish. Moreover, each room is covered by a Firestone roof finish with a 40-year warranty.

Get ready to transform your outdoors with a garden room you’ve longed for so long. Our team at Garden Office Solutions promises limitless options and all you need is to call and let us know about your ideal room. Get an A-rated building within the comfort of your yard. We will take the time to understand your requirements to make your dream garden room design a reality. From inspection through the five-day on-site build, we will respect your ideas and provide professional guidance.

5 Days

Garden Office Solutions can design, build, and install your Garden Pod on-site in just 5 days.

50 Years

Garden Pod's roof comes with a 50-year guarantee, providing peace of mind and long-lasting protection from the elements.

A Rated

Our Garden Rooms are A-rated. for energy efficiency, ensuring optimal comfort and low running costs.

FAQs about garden rooms

Yes. Garden rooms are a good idea because they add value and versatility to a property. Any homeowner looking to have an entertainment space, or a dedicated space for work, study, or hobbies should get one.

Yes. Garden rooms are worth the money as they are built for quality and durability. They are easy to install and more affordable compared to full-on house extensions. Designed and finished with natural materials, they can withstand harsh weather and last a lifetime if well-maintained.

Garden rooms should be positioned somewhere dry and flat. This could be anywhere on the property, but most people prefer it in the backyard. Ideally, the structure should be visible from the main house and 0.9 m or more from the boundary. Alternatively, it can be built to block views of neighbouring houses.

Yes. You can attach a garden room to your house and still enjoy all the exclusive features of a standalone garden office. Not all suppliers provide this service. But a reliable company like Garden Office Solutions will gladly design a solution tailored to your plans, bearing in mind the style and layout of your house.

Yes. A garden room can be used as a bedroom. Whether you want to take an afternoon nap or invite guests for occasional sleepovers, you are guaranteed of comfortable space. It can be fitted with an air conditioning system to control the temperature year-round.

Yes. You can put a toilet cubical in your garden room at a lower cost than conventional toilets. Your guests won’t have to dash to the main house to use the bathroom. Most garden rooms feature a cartridge toilet, eliminating the need for the groundwork that links traditional toilets to sewerage and water supplies.

No. Garden rooms with toilets don’t require planning permission unless they are bigger than 25 m2 or 270 sq. ft. Planning permission pertains to the location, size, and size of a building. Building regulations concern structural integrity, plumbing, insulation, electrical safety, and ventilation.

The cost of building a garden room varies with size. The price for an 8ft x 10ft can range from €14,000 to €16,000. The type of materials and features will also determine the overall cost. Finding the right supplier is crucial because poor construction could cost you more later.


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