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Garden Rooms Dublin

Experience the Best Garden Rooms in Dublin

Transform Your Garden with Custom Garden Rooms

Garden Office Solutions offers bespoke garden rooms in Dublin designed to enhance your outdoor space with both functionality and style. Perfect for a home office, creative studio, or serene retreat, our garden rooms are crafted with premium materials and high-quality design.

Garden Room Straffan
Garden Room Straffan

Why Choose Us?

Garden Office Solutions excels in quality, energy efficiency, and customizable designs. Constructed with Eco-Grade frames and premium Canadian red cedar cladding, our garden rooms ensure durability and an appealing finish. BER A-Rated and featuring triple glazing and sip panel construction, our rooms provide excellent insulation for year-round comfort. Options for interior finishes and a Firestone roof with a 40-year guarantee allow for personalization. Quick on-site construction, completed in just 5 days, ensures minimal disruption to your routine.

Benefits of a Garden Room

Having a garden room provides several advantages:

Home Office Solution

Offers a dedicated, quiet workspace separate from the main house, ideal for remote work.

Increased Property Value:

Enhances your property’s value, making it more attractive to potential buyers.


Adaptable for various purposes, such as a gym, hobby room, or guest bedroom.


Built with sustainable materials and energy-efficient designs, reflecting our commitment to environmental responsibility.

Our Process


/ Client briefing

We start with a comprehensive client briefing to understand your requirements, budget, and preferences.


/ Design concept

Our team creates unique and functional designs that blend seamlessly with your garden environment.


/ Construction

Using pre-fabricated modules, our expert builders complete the on-site construction efficiently within 5 days.


/ Finishing Touches

We ensure every detail meets our high standards, from interior finishes to electrical hookups and foundations.

Cabin Construction Timeline

Our Projects

Kilcock Garden Room

A stylish and functional garden room tailored to fit a compact garden space, providing a serene workspace with a modern aesthetic.

Garden Room Cornelscourt1

Cornelscourt Garden Room

Designed for multi-purpose use, this garden room combines elegance with practicality, perfect for a home office or relaxation area.

Milltown Garden Room

A contemporary garden room featuring high-end finishes and large windows, offering a bright and inspiring space for work or leisure.

Clonskeagh Garden Room

A spacious garden room that doubles as a guest accommodation, showcasing innovative design and efficient use of space.

Blackrock Garden Room

This project highlights a seamless blend of modern architecture and natural surroundings, ideal for a tranquil garden retreat.

Dundrum Garden Room

Featuring a sleek design and state-of-the-art insulation, this garden room is perfect for year-round use as an office or studio.

Scholarstown Garden Room

A versatile garden room with an integrated storage area, offering both functionality and aesthetic appeal in a compact design.

Garden Room Foxrock

Foxrock Garden Room

Combining luxury and comfort, this garden room serves as an ideal home office with high-end finishes and ample natural light.

Garden Room Newbridge

Newbridge Garden Room

A beautifully crafted garden room designed for leisure, featuring a warm interior and expansive views of the garden.

Artane Garden Room

Artane Garden Room

A modern and efficient garden room that provides a peaceful environment for work or relaxation, with a focus on sustainability.

Contact Us

Ready to transform your garden in Dublin? Contact Garden Office Solutions today to discuss your project. Call us at 087 280 5517 or email us at For more details, visit our Contact Us page.