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Kilcock Garden Room with Side Storage Room

Located in the picturesque town of Kilcock, our latest garden room with an integrated side storage room exemplifies modern design and practicality. This versatile structure spans an efficient footprint, seamlessly blending luxury with functionality to meet the diverse needs of our clients.

Design and Structure

The Kilcock garden room showcases a sleek, minimalist design that harmonises with any garden setting. The exterior features a sophisticated, dark finish complemented by clean lines and understated elegance. The side storage room is seamlessly integrated into the design, providing a practical solution without compromising on aesthetic appeal.

Large, double-glazed glass doors and windows allow natural light to flood the interior, creating a bright and inviting space. This design element not only enhances the visual connection between the indoor and outdoor areas but also contributes to the room’s energy efficiency.

Turnkey Solution

Each garden room is delivered as a turnkey solution, ensuring that from the moment of handover, the space is fully ready for immediate use. Our commitment to quality guarantees that each cabin is finished to the highest standards, encompassing all aspects of construction and interior design, from electrical fittings and interior painting to insulation and foundational work.

Rapid Construction

Our streamlined construction process ensures efficiency without compromising on quality. The entire structure is assembled and completed on-site within just five working days. This rapid build time allows clients to enjoy their new space promptly, without the typical delays associated with traditional construction projects.

Transparent Pricing

We pride ourselves on our transparent pricing model, with no hidden costs. Each garden room includes all necessary amenities such as A-rated energy-efficient insulation, electrical connections, and hookups, ensuring that the price you are quoted is the price you will pay. This transparency in pricing is designed to provide peace of mind and ease throughout the purchasing process.

Durability and Efficiency

The roof of our garden rooms comes with a remarkable 50-year guarantee, providing long-term protection against the elements and assurance of durability. Additionally, the energy efficiency of these structures is optimised to an A-rating, which minimises environmental impact and operational costs, making them an ideal choice for those conscious of both their carbon footprint and their utility bills.


We believe that every client has unique requirements and tastes, which is why our garden rooms are fully customisable. From the layout to the finishing touches, clients can tailor every aspect of their garden room to suit their specific needs and preferences. This bespoke service ensures that each garden room we construct is as individual as its owner.

Key Points

  • Turnkey: All garden cabins are finished to the highest standards and ready to use upon handover.
  • Garden Pods: Assembled and completed on-site within five working days.
  • No Hidden Costs: Includes electrical connections, interior painting, insulation, and foundations.
  • 50-Year Roof Guarantee: Long-lasting protection and peace of mind.
  • A-Rated Efficiency: Optimal comfort and low running costs.
  • Custom Designs: Tailored to meet unique client requirements.

The Kilcock Garden Room with Side Storage Room is a prime example of contemporary design meeting practical functionality. Whether you need an additional workspace, a serene retreat, or extra storage, this garden room is designed to enhance your lifestyle while blending seamlessly with your outdoor environment. For more information or to view this model, visit our portfolio page or contact us directly to schedule a visit.