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The most affordable garden homes in Ireland


All Garden cabins office solutions finished to the highest standards. Cabins are handed over completed and ready to use.

5 Day Build Time​

All our cabins are assemble on  and finished onsite within 5 working days. 

No Hidden Costs

All cabins are A rated and include electrical connections and hookup, interior painting, insulation & foundations. 

Garden office solutions

Here at Garden Office Solutions, we can build bespoke garden rooms to suit any size, purpose or configuration throughout Ireland. Our rooms are guaranteed to have an A energy rating, which is the highest attainable energy rating in Ireland. This means that your garden room will be adequately insulated with triple glazing and an effective heating system installed, keeping the temperature right no matter the weather, while saving on your energy bills.

It’s not just energy bills that will remain affordable, but construction prices too. At a fixed rate of just €1390 per square metre, we will help you build the garden room of your dreams within your budget. This price includes all of our top-of-the-range features to ensure a genuine turn-key finish, including an optimum service on everything from the base and flooring to painting and electrics.

This is by far the lowest-priced A-rated garden room on the Irish market, so don’t miss out and be sure to give us a call today to begin the process of creating the perfect garden room.


Durable garden homes

Other than our amazing prices, what sets Garden Office Solutions apart from the competition is our advanced construction methods that ensure a more durable lifespan for your garden room. While most other companies use softwoods to clad garden rooms, these have a short lifespan in the Irish climate that is known to be wet and windy, and very interchangeable. However, we only use cedar or Siberian larch cladding, which is much more capable of withstanding weather conditions. This means they have a much longer expected lifespan of 50 years or more!

Furthermore, we use Structural Insulated Panels (SIP) rather than traditional garden room construction methods. As well as adding to the structural integrity of the building, this also means that we can build close to the boundary walls so there is no loss of space in your garden, so the available room is optimised for the purpose you need it for.

Another benefit to SIP is that, alongside comprehensive triple glazing, it gives the room an excellent acoustic rating for brilliant soundproofing, so you never have to worry about disturbing your neighbours while enjoying optimum sound quality in your home cinema or music studio.

Custom garden homes

Garden homes are an ideal solution for when you don’t have adequate room in your home for a new feature but want something more flexible and affordable than an extension. Whether you need an extra bedroom, home gym, office, games room, bar, storage space or anything else, the possibilities are endless, especially with Garden Office Solutions’ tailored approach.

Our rooms are built to your design, and if you need help with the design process, we can provide ideas and assist from start to finish. Before commencing any work, we will provide 3D drawings showing exactly what your room will look like so you can decide if you are happy with it.

Click here to see our gallery or call to book an appointment to view our sample room in person, located in Straffan.


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